Projects & Industries

The following are examples of the range of projects we have undertaken for industry and government clients.

Residential Land Development – Queensland

Project:  Client is the developer of a $1.5 billion regional master planned residential development in Central Queensland for 2,000 lots. Our brief  required extensive primary and secondary market research of consumers, industry and government organisations. Provide reports on economic and residential property market conditions, land demand and supply, demographic profiles, market intelligence on competing regional land developments, et al. Develop and implement the marketing plan for the project. Provide ad hoc reports and advice on strategic business issues.

Outcome: Project was officially launched September 2007.


International Retail Food Franchise 

Project:  Review Australian business operations and advise on changes to systems and processes needed to expand the franchise in both the domestic and export markets. Assist the company to establish export markets in Singapore and Malaysia.

Outcome: An additional ten domestic outlets established in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia using a revised franchise agreement and preferred supplier arrangements. Master franchise established for SE Asia. Initially, two new franchised stores were opened in Kuala Lumpur and one in Singapore.


Major Australian Airport

Project:  Required a review of the entire current insurance program and assistance with the implementation and management of a Conceptual Statement of Capabilities Proposal for broking and risk management services.

Outcome: A new broker was appointed, policy coverage was improved with over 120 pages of changes made to policy wordings, annual broker service fees and premium spend significantly reduced.


State Health Department – IT Acquisition

Project:  Provide a report and advice on options for financing the supply of laptop computers for 1,500 visiting medical officers (VMOs). The department had a significant short-fall in capital and recurrent funding while, at the same time, it also had contractual obligations to supply IT resources for VMOs to remotely access patient records and related medical information.

Outcome:    For the first time in state government financial arrangements, a government agency issued a tender for computer equipment to be supplied under a three year lease and service agreement with a private sector financial institution. The annual recurrent cost of the contract was $450,000 in lieu of a one-off capital expenditure of $3 million. The department saved $1.65 million over the 3 year period.


Australian Banking Industry

Project:  Client is a major Australian financial institution which commissioned a review of several categories of bank operating expenditures amounting to approx. $2 million annually. The review involved category analysis, supplier history and performance, cost benchmarking, development of RFT’s for each category, tender evaluation, presentation of options reports.

Outcome:  Client selected the preferred supplier options and new supplier contracts were implemented and managed for 18 months. Annual expenditure savings of $450,000 were achieved for the client.


Tertiary Education Institution

Project:  Undertake primary market research of industry, teachers and students to gauge attitudes and views of the institution, courses, administration, infrastructure and standing in the community. Facilitate workshops to develop corporate and marketing plans and assist in the initial implementation the plans across the institutions network of colleges/campuses. Develop and implement the policy and operational framework for the commercialisation of specific courses and services to industry clients. Train the instititution’s teachers and staff in applying the commercial policies and procedures.

Outcome:  The market research findings led to significant changes in the way in which the institution was structured and operated. A re-organisation and amalgamation of colleges/campuses into larger regional institutes, adoption of a customer service policy and refocused communication practices and delivery of services and courses to the general community and industry.


Golf  Industry

Project: Review the business and marketing operations of a prominent public golf course in Queensland operated by one of Australia’s largest councils. The council was subsidising the golfing facility with ratepayers funds to the tune of $450,000 annually.

Outcome: A business plan was developed and implemented, a new general manager was appointed, the club house and course facilities revamped and placed onto a fully commercial footing, a new golf shop lease was entered into with a national pro-golf retailer. The facility is no longer subsidised and makes an annual profit for council and ratepayers.


International Sports Fields and Golf Courses – Laser Technology

Project:  Develop a strategic business and marketing plans for exporting the company’s Australian-built GPS laser-driven sportsfield levelling system. The US and UK were identified as the initial primary target markets and market entry strategies devised and implemented. The company also required assistance to obtain financial grants under the Federal Export Market Develop Grants Scheme.

Outcome:  Company appointed agents in US and UK. Among the first installations of the laser technology was at world famous Augusta National Golf Course, home of the US Masters, and at the Miami Superdome, home of the Miami Dolphins NFL team. Subsequent export sales were made to other US States, the UK, and several Asian countries. The company received in excess of $500,000 financial assistance under the EMDG Scheme.



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