Expense Categories

Most businesses pay too much for their everyday running costs. Our specialists identify where overspending is occurring on common business expenses, propose a plan, and then  implement the agreed expense reduction.

In our experience, five factors are common to organisations which over-spend:

  • unclear or un-enforced policies and standards
  • an absence of in-depth product and industry knowledge for non-core costs
  • inconsistent contract and risk management practices
  • insufficient resources to undertake reviews of all purchasing contracts
  • inadequate systems and processes to achieve optimal contract and procurement outcomes.


Expense Categories

Expense categories which our team routinely review for clients include (but are not limited to) the following:

  •  advertising and promotion
  • catering and food services
  • contract cleaning
  • courier services
  • freight services
  • energy
  • insurance
  • ITC
  • leasing
  • office supplies
  • packaging
  • printing
  • safety equipment
  • telecommunications
  • waste management

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